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Thursday, July 21, 2011


M.I.A. is what I have been for a few months! But I'm so ready to be back. The beginning of summer roped me in. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but am excited to share some of the 'stuff' I made in the mean time....stay tuned :)

In the mean time, get excited, and go check out my newest blog friend ......

Make it Loverly

If she doesn't inspire you, I don't know if anything will, and that's what we are all here for right....a little inspiration???!!!

I L-O-V-E her ideas and think she is a super fab decorator, photographer, and creator.....on a dime (which I also LOVE.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a birthday to remember....Boston Red Sox

So for those of you who are not lucky enough to know my little family (JOKE), my little boy is obsessed with sports. SO, I felt it would be appropriate to throw him a Boston Red Sox birthday party!

I'd say it turned out pretty cute :) I hope it gives you a little inspiration. And if you need some ideas for a little girly birthday, check out The Krazy Crafty Lady and her lemonade party, which is SUper Cute :)

So first the invitations... They turned out cute........ I thought.

So why am I telling you this? Well my sweet neighbor, who moved into the area not too long ago, showed up to the party at 3 while we were cleaning up. She informed me that she has been driving around looking for Fenway Park for the last 3 hours.....OOOOOPS! She must not watch baseball, right??? I felt horrible!

(You'll have to excuse the balloons. They were tortured by the wind the entire day ;)

The entry...

a ball game wouldn't be complete with out the concessions ;)

The birthday boy himself....

And his little cheerleader, of course.... ( oh, you ask about that cute little skirt? yep, I made it, and there will be a tutorial soon:)

Welcome to FENWAY PARK!

Boston Red SOX!

AND the Pinata of course.... So NOT last year!

And lastly, the cupcake cake!

A great Birthday for a GREAT little boy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Spicing up} Braylee's Wardrobe

So The best part about this little project is that it is super duper easy, and free, of course, if you have some left over fabric lying around!

Disclaimer: pictures are horrible....Sorry :)

A Cutsie flower and matching belt :)

Anyway, I think the flower and belt turned out super cute.... Let me know if my fans want a tutorial ;) !!! Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a lonely wall......

I still have a lot of lonely walls in our home....This one isn't so lonely anymore!

I grew a wild hair today and decided to do something with a wall in our room... I think it turned out fab, was easy, and cost me NOTHING!!!.... I had everything on hand.






I {heart} car seat covers!

I love to make car seat covers! I will be selling these on my etsy website soon so let me know if you are interested!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bow/Flower holder

I also made this bow holder for my brother's babe and it turned out fab! Try it yourself to straighten up all those bows/flowers/etc!


1. Hot glue gun
2. Thin piece of board (not sure what it is called?) cut 12X16, or bigger if you want.
3. 2 pieces of quilt batting cut 12x16
3. 2 Cute pieces of fabric cut 13x17, or an inch bigger than your board if you go bigger
4. Strips of coordinating ribbon cut in 13 inch pieces.
5. Piece of ribbon or tulle to hang board.








Remember my little girls room here???? Here is the one I made to coordinate with her room :) Have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

super easy cutsie tutu!

I made this darling tutu for my brother's new sweet babe. It was VERY easy and turned out perfect!


1. 1 crochet headband
2. tulle in colors desired
3. scissors


1. Start by measuring and cutting your tulle in length desired. I cut mine 12 inches for a newborn. Maybe 14 inches for 6-12 months.

2. Next, tie two pieces of tulle in each hole, alternating colors, if you wish ;) You could tie one piece per hole if you want it less full...

3. It's that easy! Fluff up a bit, and put on your cute little babe ;)

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