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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Super Cute Book Shelves for my Kiddies Rooms'

Do you ever find yourself cleaning up messes like these?...... Over and over??

Helping Little Hands has a super cute tutorial for book shelves!

My hubby and I created these super cute book shelves, modified a little, to help cuten (is that even a word?) up the mess of books :]

They turned out super cute, dontcha think?? Head on over here, to make some for yourself!

{and don't forget to add a lil quote from Dr. Seuss!}

Perfect Reaching height for the lil munchkins!

{p.s. I will be posting more of these shelves for my little boy's room as soon as I get them hung!}


  1. Oh my goodness! How awesome are these!?! I'm impressed you got them made and posted so quickly. Yours turned out great. I hope you don't mind if I include them in the next Readers Feature I do.

    And I still have a couple spots open for the Read-Along I'm hosting in March. You can see more details here if you're interested in participating.

  2. These turned out great! love the Dr suess quote on them.

  3. Love it! Totally bookmarking for a future project!

  4. Well, Im not into this kinda stuff but I wanna show support..

    I'll make sure to refer people in need of some good crafting ideas..

    Bye now!

  5. These look great. I love that he can see the covers.

  6. Your shelves turned out super cute! I've got something similar planned for my son's room. His bookshelf area looks a LOT like your before picture. I love the idea of having some of his favorite books forward facing for easy access!

  7. Great library wall, super idea. winks-jen


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