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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Cheap Decorative Pillow}

I am back in action, and am working on tons of goodies to share!

But I first wanted to show you how super easy and cheap these pillows are. My bed room is ever changing. Comforter, sheets, decorations, you name it. I just cant decide what I want! So when I see a 350 thread count damask strip comforter for 7 bucks on clearance at Target.....I snatch it up!

Then I need some pillows....So I headed over to the napkin/place mat section and happen to find 2 place mats that would work perfectly for .98! Super stoked!

So I just ripped out a section of the seam, stuffed it with pillow stuffing from Michael's (at 40% off of course ;) and hand sewed the seam back up!

It turned out great I think, considering my bedroom will probably be different next month!


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